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By registering you are agreeing to the "Terms Of Agreement" (see site menu).

---(1) After clicking on "REGISTER", click on "ADD TO CART"
---(2) Click on "VIEW CART"
---(3) Click on "CHECK OUT"
---(4) Now begin registering.

You'll be prompted to add billing and shipping information because you are registering through the online shop.

---(5) When "Select Shipping" appears, click on the drop down box. Select "$O".

---(6) Be sure to click on "PLACE ORDER" to finish.

There is no charge to register or for referrers to post a Refer a Friend offer. You are registering through the online shop. We got tired of hackers and spambots entering a lot of fake memberships and spam content into the Exchange. No other security measure we tried seemed to work well enough. We discovered that registering through the online shop stop it completely.

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