Welcome to Find Local Treasure. If you purchased a product or service and there’s a bonus for referring someone to it, then you really need to get listed in Find Local Treasure.

Why waste a way to make some extra cash (or free products and services) for yourself and by doing very little work for it.

If the Bonus is something other than cash, you can still list your offer. Just get an estimated retail value of the Bonus from someone in the companies management where you made the purchase so that you can give a cash percentage toward your “Cash Rewards List”.  See “Getting Started” in the site menu above.

The great thing about Find Local Treasure is that there is no charge to get listed and incentives can get big to motivate members to bring customers to listed businesses and make the purchases that bring you Refer A Friend Bonuses!

Also, we have open positions for members who would like to become one of our Support Staff Members and make extra cash!

Feel free to contact our Support Team at any time for any questions you may have (see buttons to the bottom right of page).


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