There are plenty of quality local businesses who want to reward you for bringing them customers!

Do a search for the product, service, type of professionals, recreation, entertainment… whatever it is that suits your need or desire.

If you find the product or service that interests you, choose someone from the list of reviews to be the one who refers you.

If you have a good experience with them, then give that business a good review and/or star rating.

By doing this, you have found a treasure that can reward you over and over again… because soon enough, others will follow your footsteps and you can be chosen to refer them!

If you already made a purchase from a business that offers a reward for referring, then do a search for them in our listings.

If they are already listed, then simply leave a review and/or star rating.

If you don’t see that business in our listings, then add it to our listings…

and be sure to leave a review and/or star rating so you can be chosen as a referrer.

If you are dissatisfied with a product or service, then reflect how you feel in your review/star rating.


Note: After registering, go to Members Social and join the referrals group of the person who referred you to “Local Treasure”. (see site menu)



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